H2 WATERFULMost of us know that tap water contains many ingredients which we should not consume. These include heavy metals (from soil and rusted pipes), fluorides (added by municipalities), hormones (human and cattle drugs flushed down the drains) and drug residues. Although most people focus on purification of water, it has been observed that converting filtered water to alkaline, antioxidant water can give us a lot more benefits. This transformed filtered water is referred to as hydrogen water.

Water Purification Facts

Good water filters remove or considerably reduce the heavy metals, fluoride, drugs, hormones and some other chemicals from the tap water. Even at legally allowed quantities, fluoride can give rise to arthritis, brittleness of bones, hampered development of brain, and obesity and depression due to inhibition of thyroid activities. Lead compromises neurological development and leads to numerous disorders of brain and nervous system. Hormones could cause abnormal sexual development in children. Bisphenol-A leads to erectile dysfunction, reduced fertility and increased risk of prostate and breast cancer. By removing all or most of these substances, a water filter offers us risk-free water.

Benefits of Hydrogen-rich Water

Antioxidant, alkaline water is especially rich in hydrogen, which has lately been subjected to a great number of scientific studies as a health aid. Its small molecules can pass through cell membranes easily and scientists believe that hydrogen-rich substances are almost totally devoid of adverse effects. Actually, if you have such a filter, you have the most advanced medical equipment in your home, as some doctors have begun to prescribe hydrogen saline injections, hydrogen gas to breathe in and hydrogen baths.

Antioxidant Properties

Hydrogen-rich water is a potent antioxidant. It can stop oxidation of cells and repair them. Alkaline water produced by antioxidant, alkaline filters has also been proven to be the strongest antioxidant. Oxidative damage has been one of the main causes of various health problems including dementia, early aging, cancer and many neurological conditions.

Controls Cancer Cells

Hydrogen-rich water has been seen to shrink and suppress the growth of cancer cells.

NOTE: Cancer patients should not stop taking treatment though they start hydrogen-rich water.

Neurological Protection

Hydrogen-rich water offers protection to brain, protecting it from injury occurring due to surgery as well as stroke, and also the one that occurs because of oxidative stress.

H2 WATERFUL – Advanced Hydrogen Water Generator

H2 WATERFUL is the most advanced hydrogen  water generator. It’s very easy to use and you can use it with just 1 touch. It’s also easy to install and clean. It has also got US FDA approval. So, if you are planning to buy a hydrogen, alkaline, antioxidant filter, choose a H2 WATERFUL hydrogen-alkaline,  magnetic water generator and give you and your family total health.