hypnotherapy for fearAre you afraid of something which others don’t fear about? Is your fear getting in your way while living life? Are you ridiculed for your fear because it’s so trifle? If answer to all these questions is “yes” and if you’re tired of your petty fear, you can take help of hypnotherapy to eliminate it from your life.

What is Fear?

Actually fear is a natural and healthy part of your life. All are afraid of something like being caught in an accident, being robbed, being fallen etc. Actually such a fear makes one to be careful, such as driving carefully, wearing a seatbelt, keeping doors locked, walking carefully etc. Although mostly fears develop during childhood, some fears may develop in adulthood too. Among the fears developing in adulthood, some are caused due to chemical imbalances like a hypoglycemic reaction; but several are caused due to repressed memories.

Physical or Psychological?

Whether your fear is psychological or physical can be identified with the intensity of the reaction. Physical reactions usually become more intense once the anticipated event starts, whereas psychological reactions tend to be triggered by anticipation and slowly lose intensity once the anticipated event starts. If someone experiences a fear intensely and/or often, he may start to fear losing control. He may get frightened to feel the fear and can do anything to avoid the thing that might trigger it. This turns fear into phobia. When a fear or phobia starts getting in one’s way or causing him to avoid something he’d like to do, it has to be treated. Hypnosis can help you against fear, phobia and stress.

Hypnotherapy for Treating Fear

In mild cases of fear, where the person identifies the triggers but wants help for controlling her reaction, hypnotherapy can help her slow down her heartbeat, control her breathing and attain a relaxed state of mind. This enables them to manage her problem in a rational and calm way.

More severe cases are usually caused by a traumatic event happened in childhood. In such a case, mostly the causative event is forgotten by the conscious mind, but is retained in the subconscious. A hypnotherapist often uses age regression in such cases. Age regression is one of the most effective tools in hypnotherapy with which the therapist can guide the person back in time and help him reevaluate the event from an objective point of view. Once the cause is found, the fear of losing control is removed and control is established. Once the control is established, recurrent confrontation of fear through hypnotherapy soon diminishes and gradually eliminates the fear.

So, are you now feeling hopeful to get rid of your fear? Call a hypnotherapist today and get your problem resolved forever.