Japa Mala BeadsIf you keenly observe your mind, you’ll be surprised to see how it’s brimming with thoughts of all kinds, some with which you’re not even directly concerned. But if you try to stop those thoughts, they enter your mind even more forcefully, making it impossible for you to quiet them and leaving you frustrated. But as with any other problems in life, this too has a solution and it’s mantra meditation.

What will You Need?

Mantra meditation needs minimal instruments, even nothing. But to make your meditation easier and smoother, you can keep some items at hand. E.g. you can make use of Japa Mala Beads which will help you to count how many times you recited the mantra. Remember that you should not be proud of the number. Otherwise it’ll invalidate the whole purpose of the meditation. The number is only to remind you that you should recite the mantra at least the given number of times.

Then you’d need a seat (asana). This can be a mat or even a cushion. If you use a cushion, it should not be so soft as to keep your support shifting from one buttock to the other. Make sure you can sit still on the seat, but without getting your bottom numb. If it’s impossible for you to sit down on floor, you can even sit on a chair or a cot.

That’s all! Apart from these, you’ll only need a quiet room where you can sit and meditate. One more thing, though not necessary, is it’s beneficial to take a bath so that the feeling of cleanliness will help your mind get focused quickly.

Which Mantra Should You Choose?

Ideally, a mantra should contain as few words or syllables as possible, so that it’s easy for you to recite it, without getting lost in lengthy phrases. Also, while a mantra you choose may have a meaning, you should recite it steadily to calm down your mind, rather than keep thinking about its meaning.

Om” is perhaps the easiest to pronounce and smallest mantra. It’s also integrated in many Sanskrit mantras and each one of them generates a particular experience of vibration that indicates its meaning.

However, you don’t have to recite only a Sanskrit mantra. You can even choose to recite something like “Shalom”, “Amen”, “Peace” or even “One” that is easy for you to recite. The word should engage you and you should finally be able to increase the gap between each two recitals which should be full of peace i.e. no thoughts in your mind.

Mantra meditation should be practiced with patience. You won’t experience a peaceful mind just in a day. So, you should continue it for week after week, month after month, and year after year. But once you achieve it, the results will astonish you and fill you with a never-before pleasure. All the best!