postnuptial agreementA problematic marriage is extremely stressful for both husband and wife. However, it is often seen that the husband and wife involved in such a marriage are reluctant to talk to each other, though they discuss the problem with others. And if at all, they talk, they usually end up in shouting at each other. They can take help of a marriage counselor; however, there is a more effective method to solve the deep-seated problems like a spendthrift spouse or financial insecurity – a postnuptial agreement! There are pros and cons of postnuptial agreements; still, it is a potentially effective way to save your marriage.

Postnuptial agreements, also called “postnups” are written and implemented after you get married. This important document codifies the responsibilities and obligations of each spouse. Actually, a marriage is a financial alliance in which both sides can benefit from a deal on paper.

Making a postnup can be an unexpectedly cathartic experience for couples. It offers them an opportunity to scrutinize their assets, spending habits and debt, and to understand the influence of financial strain on their emotional statuses. Insecurities and grievances can be expressed. The agreement can start a discussion between the husband and wife about issues like how much money should be handed to children from a previous marriage or how many girls’ or boys’ night outs can be accepted. The most important benefit is that the couple can set terms that are suitable to both parties.

Postnups are getting increasingly popular and more and more couples are entering into it. Especially, if you are married again and have kids from an earlier marriage, but haven’t yet signed up a postnup, you should think over seriously about entering one. It is important for your mental health.

How can a Postnuptial Agreement Relieve Stress?

Rather than emotional attachment, money makes a larger part in most marriages. Clashes in marriages over money matters are the commonest. Eventually, both the spouses start feeling financially insecure. The wife may get scared with a thought that her husband may turn her out of her home, the husband may lose confidence in his wife regarding sharing information of his business debts and other financial problems, and so on. This creates a lot of stress in both and the emotional trauma deteriorates their quality of life. When such couples enter a postnuptial agreement, the matters like assets, debts etc over which they have problems are divided between both in such a way that they are satisfied and then they start feeling secure. Consequently, the stress is relieved and their quality of life enhances.

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